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Vivian Acquah, CDE® - The Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate

My Services

Public Speaker

Delivering keynotes + training and workshops on: diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) & workplace wellness.

WW & DEI Audit

Performing workplace audits related to workplace wellness, diversity, equity & inclusion to uncover existing stress points and identify workplace wins.

DEI Coach/ Consult

DEI coaching/ consulting on & strategizing the best steps to improve your organization’s workplace wellness, sense of belonging in the workplace - and then putting them into action.


Vivian Acquah

Who Am I?

As an inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate (CDE® Certified Diversity Executive), I advise managers on how to keep their team members engaged, energized, and safe in a sustainable, long-term way. 

A clear Workplace Wellness/Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy & implementation will fix your hidden cost drains and missed opportunity costs because it will improve talent retention, engagement, employer branding, and connection with diverse talent. 

Latest Posts

Amplifying People Planet Profit

Amplifying People Planet Profit Now!

Most CEOs now believe that sustainable practices are necessary for a company’s success, but shifting to more environmentally friendly and socially responsible can be...

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DEI Coaching Supporting Leaders in Activating Their DEI Muscle

Best DEI Coaching: Supporting Leaders in Activating Their DEI Muscle

This podcast episode touched on an important topic – the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts with business goals.  Before getting more...

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Boost Female Leadership Vivian Acquah

Boosting Female Leadership

The pandemic has opened up the world to a lot of opportunities. Today’s workplace is no longer the traditional office space; a desk and...

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How to Break the Bias Reflections on International Womens Day

How to Break the Bias: Reflections on International Women’s Day

Every year around March 8, our Instagram feeds start filling up with photos celebrating women. It’s International Women’s Day, and everyone wants to show...

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DEI Coaching Vivian Acquah Amplify DEI

7 Attractive Benefits of DEI Coaching for Organizations

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are principles that are becoming increasingly important in the business world. A DEI commitment can help businesses attract and...

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Empowering Black Women During Black History Month

Empowering Black Women During Black History Month

February is Black History Month. Conversations about history, empowerment, and diversity are more visible now than other months of the year. Many companies and...

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Let's Move The Needle Together!