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Demolishing The Parental & Maternal Wall Bias

 A regular metal wrecking ball attached to a chain breaking a hole in a flat brick wall surface - 3D render - Vivian Acquah

I’m grateful for your time spent reading my recent LinkedIn post regarding the research for my upcoming book on paternal and maternal wall bias.

Your support is incredibly valuable to this project, and I warmly invite you to contribute further by sharing your personal story through the survey linked below.

Please select the option that closely matches your experience. Your insights are crucial in shedding light on these biases, and every shared story enriches our collective understanding.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about this initiative, please feel free to reach out at Your participation and support are deeply appreciated as we work together to illuminate and challenge these biases in our workplaces and communities.

Thank you for playing an impactful role in this meaningful project.

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