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Is A Chief Happiness Officer A Must For Companies?

Chief Happiness Officer

For this episode of Linked4Energy, I interviewed Max Hunter, the Chief Joy Officer. He is going to share a few tips about joy at work to deliver outstanding business results. The main question of this interview is:

Is A Chief Happiness Officer A Must For Companies?

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I asked Max the following questions:

  • Can you tell me in 1 minute, who is Max Hunter
  • What is your definition of employee sustainability?
  • Can you tell me more about being a Chief Joy Officer?
  • Why is a CHO a must for now and the future?
  • How do you see the future of workplace wellness?

Interview Highlights

  • It’s my job to look at what is it like to work in this company for the people, and it’s my job to listen in to what the people want.

As a Chief Joy Officer, it’s my job to create some ideas and initiatives with the people. We implement them and learn from the experience.

  • help companies who want to create a great workplace, full of motivated people, who can fulfil their potential.
  • I’ve got a pretty simple version of workplace wellness which is that people wake up on a Monday morning looking forward to going to work again.
  • It’s not even about just about yoga classes and nutrition although those are important factors.
  • The words Chief Happiness Officer came up, and that’s okay, it’s not bad,  but it had that connotation of fun only.
  • Chief Happiness Officers are typically not as high up in the organisation as I was and they often get pigeonholed as the people who hold parties and wave pretty flags around.
  • People can be joyful, even through difficult times.

The definition of workplace wellness is that people wake up on a Monday morning looking forward to going to work again.

  • So we need to either enable H.R. to add the role of CHO / CJO or create these Chief Joy Officer roles, and for those to be successful, they have to be quite high up in the organisation they have to have an influence, they have to have full buy-in from the CEO’s.
  • What they came up with was remarkable the creativity, the fun. The way that they got involved in it.
  • Everything from people dressing up as mummies and toilet paper in the office.

We are not better off are often saying no thank you.

Are you curious about what we discussed in the interview? Watch full version below.

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Max Hunter
Max Hunter & Partners
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