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Best DEI Coaching: Supporting Leaders in Activating Their DEI Muscle

This podcast episode touched on an important topic – the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts with business goals. 

Before getting more into the business case for DEI coaching, let’s introduce the speakers of this episode of Let’s Humanize The Workplace.

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Vivian Acquah CDE® (host of the show) As a DEI Consultant/ Certified Diversity Executive, Vivian Acquah CDE® advises managers on how to keep their team members engaged, energized, and safe in a sustainable manner. 

Marjolijn Vlug coaches people on creating a career that truly fits and brings her certified coaching skills to support DEI professionals & allies.

Rachelle Carrié is the founder of Diversity Connects Us. She helps teams with creating a more diverse and equitable workforce.

Key Takeaways

  • Psychological safety is crucial in the workplace, and leaders should work towards creating a safe environment for their employees.
  • It is vital to recognize that DEI efforts are not just about social justice but also about business goals.
  • Coaching can help leaders connect DEI work to their organization’s values, personal values, and professional life while providing accountability.
  • Building relationships and connecting with people’s hearts is fundamental to creating a humanized workplace.
  • Emotional intelligence, growth mindset, and empathy are essential in conversations and coaching.
  • Leaders should consider acknowledging and addressing normal life events such as pregnancy, miscarriage, or family issues in the workplace.
  • Humanizing the workplace is crucial to ensure business growth and prevent turnover of skilled employees.
  • DEI coaches can be helpful in guiding leaders and activating their DEI muscles.
  • Inclusive leadership is necessary for organizations, and it can start from both the top and the bottom.

Growth & Success of the Business

All the speakers reiterated the need to humanize the workplace, not just for the sake of creating a more equitable and diverse environment but also for the growth and success of the business. 

It was emphasized that DEI efforts are not just about ticking boxes but a personal change journey that leaders and organizations must embark on to create a genuinely inclusive environment. 

DEI Coaching

Coaching was presented as a valuable tool to help leaders connect their personal values with their organization’s values and provide accountability and guidance to help them focus on their DEI journey.

“Amplifying DEI Through Coaching: It helps engage in courageous conversations or amplifying those conversations. It fosters an intentional allyship, I believe. Also, it builds a sense of workplace culture, belonging.”— Rachelle Carrié

Connecting Heart, Mind, and Business

Matthew Reynolds, Marjolijn, and Vivian stressed that the heart and the mind are interconnected and cannot be separated when it comes to DEI and business matters. Being human-centric and emphasizing empathy, emotional intelligence, and a growth mindset is essential to creating psychological safety and humanizing the workplace.

“Connecting the Heart and Mind: Stealth Ways to Link Social Justice and Business Perspectives”: “I try to find stealth ways to connect the personal matter so the social justice matter and into a matter of them gaining more revenue or keeping their talent as a way to attract more talent. 

“There are stealth ways that you can approach that. You can use that to connect the heart and the mind. I see the heart as the human part and the mind as the business part, where you’re connecting both together.”— Vivian Acquah

Quiet Quitting equals disengagement

We also talked about quiet quitting, explaining that lack of humanization in the workplace can lead to disengagement and high talent turnover. 

This highlights the need for businesses to focus on creating an environment where employees can thrive personally and professionally. This leads to a more equitable and inclusive workplace and benefits the business, as it reduces employee turnover and promotes growth.

Leaders modeling inclusive behaviors

Finally, the speakers concluded by emphasizing the role of leaders in modeling the behavior they want to see from their employees. Leaders can create a work environment where everyone feels safe and heard by being open and authentic, sharing personal stories and struggles, and demonstrating empathy and emotional intelligence.

“Choose the Coach That Brings You Forward”: “There’s a palette of options available, and there’s a coach for you out there that you really connect with, whether it’s Vivian or me or Rachelle or other DEI coaches. Choose the one that brings you forward.”— Marjolijn Vlug

Overall, this episode highlighted the importance of humanizing the workplace and creating a more inclusive and equitable environment for employees. 

With coaching, a focus on personal values, emotional intelligence, and a growth mindset, businesses can create a culture that promotes employee engagement, reduces turnover, and ultimately leads to growth and success. So let’s continue to advocate for DEI and humanization in the workplace for the benefit of everyone involved.

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